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Call for Entries:

Does It Match the Couch? - A Juried Exploration of Color 

(Main Gallery) 

June 1, 2018 – September 2, 2018

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 1, 2018 from 6 - 8pm

The ability to submit will end Sunday, April 22, 2018 at Midnight EST. 

Your submission must be completed before Midnight. No Exceptions. 

NOTE: After reading the following prospectus, at the bottom of this webpage is the button/link to create your Submittable account (unless you already have one established). This is the first step in submitting your artwork/s for consideration. There is no cost to create a Submittable account to submit to the Monmouth Museum’s Call for Entries, you only pay for making your submission. Remember to confirm you have selected the correct exhibition opportunity.

Museum Statement: 

To match or not to match, that is the question! There are varying answers, viewpoints and even more questions surrounding that age old query that has the ability to make many an artist cringe. Should you buy a piece of art because it will compliment your décor or because you like it? Is it taboo to commission an artist to create an artwork to compliment the color scheme of a room? How do interior designers select art for the spaces they design? How does color theory play a role in the creation of art? How does the color palette of a space affect your mood?

In this whimsical summertime exhibition, Does It Match the Couch? A Juried Exploration of Color, we will delve into all those questions and more. The walls of the Main Gallery will be lined with couches from local furniture establishments and the artwork will be installed strategically behind them, or if sculptural, placed nearby. Plus, we will be offering Lifelong Learning Series educational programs to fuel the inner artist and interior designer in us all.

So let’s explore the notion, should artwork be selected for its intrinsic value or just to match the color of one’s couch?

 Juror: Monmouth Museum Exhibition Committee

 * Note: At a later date a list of participating local furniture establishments will be provided and artists, Museum members and patrons are encouraged to visit the stores to see the “participating” couches!

 Eligibility: For this juried exhibition all visual arts media applications will be considered (drawing, print, painting, mixed media work, photography, sculpture, video, etc.) Open to all artists world-wide age 18 and over. All artwork entered must be the artist’s original creations completed within the last five years, and must not have been presented in past Monmouth Museum exhibitions.

Submission Guidelines: 
  • Artworks will be considered through online submission of digital images (*See Below). Submissions are limited to a maximum of FOUR entries/artworks.
  • Acceptance into the exhibition is not guaranteed with entry. 
  • The Monmouth Museum reserves the right to reject work delivered at the time of the exhibition that is not the artist's accepted work, or does not meet the criteria set by the curator. 
  • Selected artwork must be wired, framed (if media applicable) and ready to hang (no saw-tooth hangers). Painted, gallery-wrapped canvas is acceptable. 
  • Wall-mountable artworks must be less than 7 feet in height or width and sculpture must be less than 10 feet in height or width and able to fit through a standard door.
  • Entered and accepted work cannot be substituted. 
  • All work must be available for the duration of the exhibition. 
  •  If accepted, appropriate equipment for video/film submissions must be provided by artist and pedestals must be provided by all NJ artists for all three-dimensional works (when appropriate). 

Online Submissions Via Submittable Only!

  • Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone and Email)
  • Artist Statement (Not over 250 words) and Payment. Please be careful when submitting your information to include proper spelling and grammar as changes cannot be made after submission. 
  • Artwork List (With a unique Title of each artwork, MediaSize (HxWxD), Year completed and Price)
  • Images of your Artwork/s (300 dpi/ppi* Jpeg preferred format - See Below)

*IMPORTANT: Please upload JPEG Image Files with the preferred resolution of 300 dpi /ppi. Re-name files to include image number (Corresponding to Artwork List).

Digital Submission Specifications: DO NOT submit more than 4 entries in your submission. 1 Detail is permitted per work submitted but not required.
*Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • The image specifications stated above are preferred due to the PR and printing needs of the Museum. Images of different resolutions and formats can still be submitted, for example 72 dpi/ppi and 92 dpi/ppi or PNG and TIFF files, etc. can be submitted and will not exclude your work from consideration. 

  • If your work is selected for promotional purposes you may be asked for a 300 dpi/ppi JPEG image at a later date.

  • The Museum will not re-size images or offer tutorials on the re-sizing of your images. Please visit the internet for an abundance of various sources and YouTube tutorials on how to re-size your images.

  • HINTS: IPhone and Smart Phone photographs are usually comparable with our requested format. Remember to only photograph the artwork, not the frame, glass or wall and crop the image when needed.
  • The requested Artist Statement has a limit of 250 words. Please state HOW & WHY you created the specific work/s being submitted. Please do not use identifying markers such as your name or website in this section. This section is not a CV or Biography. If selected by the Jurors for exhibition the Public Relations Department may contact you for additional materials if needed.

Name images with consecutive numbers from 1 - 4. 
Images must be labeled:

Ideas_1_Acrylic_24 x 36_2014_$2000

Fee: $20 per entry/artwork. You may enter 1 - 4 entries. 

Example: 1 entry/artwork = $20; 2 entries/artworks = $40; 3 entries/artworks = $60 and 4 entries/artworks = $80, One detail image is allowed per entry but not required

PAYMENT: Payment must be made at time of online submission of your entry/entries. Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted through PayPal via Submittable. 


Announcement of Accepted Artists: Artists selected for exhibition will be contacted directly via email by Midnight on Tuesday, May 15th. Artists declined will also be notified via email by Midnight on Tuesday, May 15th.

CALENDAR (If Accepted) 

  • Receiving (In Person Drop - Off): Friday, May 25, 2018 10am to 5pm 
  • Shipping Due Date: Friday, May 25, 2018 10am to 5pm (See Below**)

  • Exhibition: June 1, 2018 – September 2, 2018
  • Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 2018 from 6 - 8pm
  •  Pick-up Artwork: Tuesday, September 4, 2018 from 10am – 5pm
  • Shipping Return**:  Send a pre-paid return label with your artwork/s. Artists are then responsible to schedule pick-up with their own shipping provider for either, Wednesday, September 5th; Thursday, September 6th, 2018; and Friday, September 7th 2018. Schedule pick up between 10am and 4:30pm. 

There is a $5 per day late fee for all works left at the Museum after the in person pick-up date of Tuesday, September 4, 2018 from 10am - 5pm. You cannot remove your artwork from the exhibition early. The $5 per day late fee applies for shipped works left at the Museum beyond Friday, September 7th, 2018.** 

Sale of Artwork: The Monmouth Museum encourages the sale of exhibited artwork. The Monmouth Museum will collect the purchase price for all work, take a 20% sales commission and issue a check for the remainder to the artist at the close of the exhibition. 

Media/Public Relations Release: The Monmouth Museum reserves the right to use digital images of accepted and exhibited artwork for media and website PR and advertising. 

**SHIPPING: All work shipped via FedEx, UPS, DHL, Private Shipper or USPS must arrive at the Museum by 5:00 pm on Monday, May 21, 2018. Schedule deliveries between 10am and 4:30pm. 

All shipping costs and liability of artwork during shipment are the responsibility of the artist. All entries must have a prepaid downloaded FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS return shipping label with barcode included in the package. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use “FED EX OFFICE” for return shipping labels as they provide no pick-up at the Museum and the Museum does not make deliveries. Artists are responsible to schedule pick up with their own shipping provider for either, Wednesday, September 5th; Thursday, September 6th, and Friday September 7th 2018.  A late fee of $5 per day applies after Friday, September 7th, 2018 for works that were shipped (Schedule pick up between 10am and 4:30pm).

Receiving (In Person Drop - Off):
Monmouth Museum, 765 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738
On the Campus of Brookdale Community College, take Campus Drive to Museum Drive to Parking Lot 1

Shipping address for accepted works delivered via FedEx, UPS, DHL and Private Shipper:
Monmouth Museum, 765 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738

Shipping address for accepted works via USPS delivery ONLY:
Monmouth Museum, PO Box 359, Lincroft, NJ 07738

For more information:

Catherine Clark

Arts & Fund Development Manager 

● cclark@monmouthmuseum.org

● 732-224-1989


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